Datacloud Asia 2018 speaks to Peter Hannaford

  • March 28, 2018
  1. What region within APAC do you see as ripe for datacenter deployment? What are the key factors making this location ideal for datacenter builds?

Anywhere where there is a large population with educated and knowledgeable people. And those that can afford a smartphone and TV. Half the worlds population lives in APAC, and only half are connected to the internet today. China and India dwarf other countries in terms of population by a factor of 6x. We’ve built datacenters in some pretty testing climates – Iceland, Northern Sweden, Saudi Arabia etc. The ideal location for hyper-scale datacenters would be somewhere where land and power are cheap. Edge facilities need to be closer to the users.  Availability of power being the main inhibitor. Oh, and people of course!

  1. How do you see the advent of Edge technology impacting society and in turn, business?

Technology is the enabler.

A faster, always on, internet will spawn new businesses, help existing business to grow, and change the way that people engage with each other. Moving data closer to the Edge (and beyond!) will facilitate this.

  1. How will China’s One Belt One Road Initiative effect technology infrastructure in the coming years?

China’s OBOR initiative aims to create the world’s largest platform for social, economic and cultural cooperation which will only work if underpinned by communications technology and a massive number of physical connections.

  1. What problems do you foresee for the sector when we reach 2030?

Oh, Crystal Ball time. Or AI? Who ever imagined that we’d still be talking about Moore’s Law over 50 years after the publication of Gordon Moore’s paper. Compaction has brought benefits but power consumption has risen and 50kW racks in HPC environments are not that rare, bringing problems of effective heat rejection. The pace of datacenter builds continues to grow exponentially and datacenters may be as common as wind turbines by 2030. With our lives continually controlled and dependent upon an always available internet, I see security as being a constant concern. And availability of a talented and educated industry workforce of course!

Peter Hannaford, Chairman and Founder, Datacenter People

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