Data Center Technician


Job Description


The Client

Datacenter People is working with a leading international cloud computing company.

What the Job Inolves…

  • Contribute to data center systems architecture, as the first level of support (L1).
  • Optimise bays for new servers.
  • Wire the incoming cables and network of servers within a bay, respecting the wiring scheme.
  • Install servers as required by the Team Leaders and in accordance with the operational plan.
  • Assemble and install computer hardware (assemble/install/ upgrade/update computers).
  • Follow safety rules and regulatory requirements.
  • Call in an L2 technician if needed.
  • Contribute to data center maintenance, as the first level of support (L1).
  • Intervene on the servers in response to monitoring alerts or customer tickets.
  • Upgrade the servers (change obsolete components) according to the list of work to be carried out.
  • Undertake curative maintenance on delivered servers.
  • Identify intervention stages using diagnostic information.
  • Apply maintenance procedures.
  • Update wiring systems.
  • Restructure computer bays.
  • Implement actions to resolve problems related to the server environment.
  • Ensure computers are functioning properly via analysis and monitoring.
  • Set up specifications and maintain databases (server, components and other).
  • Manage and resolve system failures quickly and well.
  • Call in an L2 technician and escalate incident tickets to L2 support if needed.

We’re Looking for Someone Who…

  • Has 2 years' higher education in electronics/electrical engineering/IT/maintenance.
  • Has knowledge of physical datacenter infrastructure.
  • Has understanding of OVH products desirable but not essential.
  • Is able to follow and document internal procedures.
  • Has an advanced sense of service.
  • Has good communication skills within a team.
  • Is organised, autonomous and adaptable.

We regret that due to the high volume of applications we are unable to acknowledge each one. Please bear in mind that if you are selected for interview we will contact you within the next seven days.