Design Engineer


    Job Description

    UK, Germany or Spain
    The Client

    Datacenter People is working with a global data center services provider delivering project management, engineering design and critical facility management to hyper-scale, colocation, and edge leaders.

    What The Job Involves

    • Decide on an approach to fulfilling the customer needs as appropriate.
    • Creatively develop performance, quality, tendering and Client documents
    • Developing cost plans and timelines.
    • Carry out tender analysis.
    • Issue and review technical RFI's and design submittals.
    • Carry out auditing of site infrastructure and hardware, SPoF analysis, provide a detailed and comprehensive set of recommendations, condition reports and cost plans
    • Identifying and addressing problems.
    • Develop concept designs.
    • Witness and supervise commissioning and acceptance tests (IST).
    • Staying up to date with international industry trends.
    • Conducting research and applying new knowledge.
    • Designing processes and systems.
    • Implementing solutions and designs.
    • Training other engineering personnel.

    We're Looking Someone With

    • A firm understanding of critical and data center infrastructure, mechanical and electrical, be agile, performance-driven decision-making, design thinking, view things objectively.
    • A profound social, economic, and cultural awareness, and lack ego and an enthusiastic fondness for teamwork.
    • Bachelor's degree in an engineering field.
    • Developed and prepared client briefs and performance-related documentation.
    • Vital problem-solving, communication, and listening skills.
    • Experience in Project Management.
    • Willingness to travel across Europe.
    • Fluent in English.

    We regret that due to the high volume of applications we are unable to acknowledge each one. Please bear in mind that if you are selected for interview we will contact you within the next seven days.