Datacenter People Announce New Partnership with Neotas

  • December 06, 2017

Are Your People Your Greatest Asset or Biggest Threat?

We all know the importance of background checks. Historically however these checks have been limited to checking details against databases: electoral roll, criminal records, credit checks, employment history etc. Whilst these are important they don’t really tell you about the person. And if we expect clients to trust data center operators with their sensitive and highly confidential data, then are these current checks sufficient?

For our clients who are trusted with the responsibility of protecting and caring for their clients’ data Datacenter People has teamed up with Neotas, the leaders in military-grade intelligence, to introduce a new optional level of security in our screening process.

Datacenter People’s Deep Screening goes way beyond normal screening, using the Neotas’ platform to delve deeper and discover insights and facts that current database checks fail to unearth. In the modern digitally interconnected society there is so much more information that can, and should be leveraged.  Neotas analyse only potential business risk, and follow a strict code of ethics to prevent dissemination of private-life details and internal biases. The result is judgement free output that provides information on character, behaviour and highlights vulnerabilities that employees might expose to the company.


“We’re continually looking to differentiate ourselves from traditional recruitment firms and to offer services aimed specifically at the data center sector to add more value to the solutions we provide. The way in which our global research team works – a single pool dedicated to the client, regardless of location – is one.  Deep Screening is the latest which will bring a new optional level of security to our screening process,” said Peter Hannaford, Chairman of Datacenter People

 “Neotas is delighted to work with Datacenter People. Like us, they see that people are the key to any business, and like us, they understand that due diligence can be so much more than a check box.”  –  Vipul Mishra, Neotas Co-Founder

Datacenter People is now including Deep Screening as a no-cost optional service with all Retained Searches.

About Neotas:

Neotas Open Source intelligence platform harvests the digital trails in the digitally interconnected world and experienced analysts join the dots to reveal true character, behaviours and networks.

Search engines can only search 4-6% of the Internet. We offer military grade intelligence drawing from untapped data sources and answer the questions that you didn’t know to ask.

Contact: Sheena Karim, Marketing Manager, Datacenter People


T: +44 (0) 8448 005553