We know where to find datacenter talent to suit your needs and we'll happily introduce you

Founded in 2010 by datacenter veteran Peter Hannaford, Datacenter People is a niche headhunting firm helping businesses at every stage in their development to identify and engage hard to find datacenter professionals, both temporary and permanent, around the globe.

Based in London but with branch offices in Singapore and network reach into US and Latin America, the firm handles roles from “C” level down covering all disciplines including.

  • Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Construction)
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Sales ( to and from the datacenter)
  • Software Development
  • DCIM
  • Operations and Facilities Management
  • Network & Storage
  • General Management & Leadership
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing

Our detailed knowledge of the business, and the key players and companies which it comprises, constantly updated by regular attendance at trade shows, conferences and unequalled industry intelligence will help ease you through the process of the recruitment effort to a timely and satisfactory conclusion.



Datacenter People was founded in September 2010 by industry veteran Peter Hannaford.

His first company, Waterfields, was a pioneer in Datacenter Design & Build before being sold in 2000. His next company, Tecnikon, patented the first water-cooled server rack and was acquired by APC in June 2003. After the company was acquired by Schneider Electric in 2007 Peter was appointed Vice President for Datacenters & Alliances for EMEA. In 2010 he left to form Datacenter People.

Datacenter People now comprises a unique blend of seasoned datacenter professionals, experienced recruitment consultants and researchers with many years of international experience.

Our ‘insider knowledge’, extensive personal network and connections and unrivalled knowledge of this industry guarantees a uniquely insightful experience when partnering with us.

Datacenter People is now the world’s leading datacenter niche recruitment firm