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    Senior Construction Project Manager

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    Job Description

    Milan, Italy
    The Client

    Datacenter People is partnering with a European specialist data center operator that delivers services through a campus model. Today they own and operate 22 data centers across France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Luxembourg.

    What The Job Involves 

    • Manage all the administrative procedures associated with the project (permits, classified installations) in relation to the 
    • in relation with the project manager, the architect, the specialised design offices and the local authorities, from the phase of constitution of the files until the obtaining of the permits.  
    • Ensuring exchanges with hyperscalers and key accounts to ensure the definition of needs. 
    • Accompany the entire design phase to ensure that the targeted Data Center meets Company's needs. 
    • Lead the engineering teams for the design phases. 
    • Act as the interface between the Operations and Design teams throughout the project. 
    • Actively participate in the procurement process for the construction phase. 
    • Monitor the construction phase on a daily basis to ensure that the work complies with the contracts. 
    • Ensure daily compliance with safety regulations in the work areas 
    • Manage service providers with a direct contractual link with the project owner (EDF, control office, safety coordinator, CSI, design office, architect, property owner, project manager, etc.). 
    • Ensure exchanges and reporting with the construction and commissioning teams of the end client (hyperscaler and major accounts) throughout the projects. 
    • Ensure the interface between the Operations and Construction teams throughout the project. 
    • Ensure exchanges with hyperscaler and key account customers for the definition and validation of the commissioning plan and process. 
    • Manage the commissioning operations in relation with the commissioning agent, the commissioning team of the final customer (hyperscaler and major accounts) and the project management. 
    • Gradually put the future site's operating team in a position to take over the site as soon as it is made available (training on technical packages, documentation, drafting of simplified procedures, etc.). 
    • Conduct all meetings necessary for the management of the project, including 
    • Technical follow-up with the project manager and the companies 
    • Reporting in English to the final client (hyperscaler and key accounts) 
    • Documenting the project; in particular, ensuring the proper handover of documentation (completeness and quality) from service providers to ensure the proper subsequent use of the works carried out. 
    • Generate the reporting required for this type of operation. 
    • Ensure the budgetary follow-up of the project in collaboration with the project management and the finance department of Company.

    We’re Looking for Someone With

    • Graduate (Engineer or equivalent) in the field of electrical/climate engineering or generalist.  
    • At least 10 years of experience in the field of construction project management.   
    • The candidate must possess the following skills: 
    • Italian native speaker. 
    • Bilingual level in English.  
    • Experience working in English-speaking environments. 
    • Excellent knowledge of the market and of the Data Center players. 
    • Mastery of all HVAC / CFo / CFa / Safety / Security / BMS / Structural / Finishing work of the Data Center.  
    • Proven ability to work under pressure and with other people. 
    • Very high sensitivity to service continuity and security aspects. 
    • Experience in project management in occupied sites.  
    • Proven track record in project management. 
    • Proven skills and taste for managing cross-functional teams and working together to lead projects. 
    • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously. 
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project and Autocad. 
    • Highly responsive and adaptable.
    • Sense of customer service.
    • Sense of confidentiality, integrity and ethics. 
    • Excellent interpersonal skills.
    • Ability to "popularise" the technique and the benefits for non-experts thanks to a discourse adapted to the interlocutor and his needs and constraints.
    • Ability to analyse and summarise.
    • Great organisational skills.
    • Ability to report. 
    • Entrepreneurial profile, capable of strong intellectual mobility and multitasking within a small structure. 
    • Ability to work methodically and independently. 
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
    • Ability to make decisions. 
    • Rigor and method. 
    • Team spirit. 
    • Sense of commitment for him/her and his/her teams.

    We regret that due to the high volume of applications we are unable to acknowledge each one. Please bear in mind that if you are selected for interview we will contact you within the next seven days.

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